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Frequestly Asked Casket Questions

What Size Casket do I need? And the General Rule for Length.

There are a few things to consider. First, if you are lying to rest an infant or preemie, the infant can lay on its side in the fetal position. This is the natural position for an infant and can be used for burial. The casket can be a bit smaller than the General Rule for Length. The General Rule for Length is an extra 3" at the head and feet for extra room, and so the casket interior should be at least 6" taller than the child. The General Rule for Length is the same for adults as well. The other consideration is a casket size for an overweight loved one. In most cases the caskets we offer will fit and we can answer any questions you have by phone. Occasionally an extra wide casket is necessary, these caskets are available, please call for details.

What is the Best Casket Material? And is a Casket Sealable?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a casket. Let's start with a wood casket. Wooden caskets can be a beautiful casket to lay your loved one to rest in. Wood is natural and feels like an appropriate material. It certainly is and more people have been buried in wooden caskets than any other material. Wood will break down over time, so there are considerations. Your cemetery may require a cement vault, so that the casket does not cause any changes to the cemetery lawn over time. Meaning than a wooden casket can collapse over time. So both cement and metal casket vaults are available. Cement will be priced far lower than metal. However, you may be going with a plain "Pine Box" for a green burial, these can offer a beautiful celebration of humanity and nature. Vaults and metal of any kind are not allowed. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust is the green burial motto. Green Burials allow for the use of a shroud, card board box and basket caskets. There are 8-10 wooden, meadow and desert areas for green burial. For more information contact the Green Burial Council. The only way to find your loved over time may be by GPS, as there are no head stones or markers of any kind in a green cemetery.

Let's consider metal caskets. Metal casket offer a beauty that is certainly desirable and they can be very affordable as well. A vault is still a requirement with metal caskets, even though they may be stronger over time than wood. Cemeteries can still require a vault.

While one might think that green burial caskets are the most unusually made caskets, in our opinion infant and baby casket are made different from all the rest. Most infant caskets are made as a casket and vault combination. The materials are so strong, that a additional vault is not required. They are considered crush proof and they are often a sealable casket. While an adult casket has a seal, it may not and often will not hold a seal forever. But the infant caskets do hold their seal longer for a single reason, an infant is smaller and releases less gases than an adult and the casket will remain closed in many cases, forever. Of course there are no guarantees, but the extra sealant included with many baby caskets is also of benefit for this purpose.